A downloadable game for Windows

Once upon a time you find out yourself as a God in mushroom kingdom. And your goal is help mushrooms to build a beautiful city. You couldn't directly control mushrooms but you have a set of tunes that will affect a mood of mushrooms and persuade them. The only one problem is here... If you exceed the max limit of resources mushrooms will transfrom into greedy creatures and destroy everything.


WASD or arrows for camera movement

1,2,3 - for changing tunes

Esc or P - for pause/unpause

Some explanation for UI:

there is three icons - population, energy and resources for building
Yellow buildings - help to receive craft resources
Blue - provides energy for another buildings
Red- used for rest and increasing population of mushrooms

Notice: You could change camera speed and music volume in pause menu but change will be applied after returning to game

Change Log:

v1.0 - LD version

v1.0.1 - first Post LD version

- improved text clarity

- fixed chance of building red buildings

- fixed partially issue with multi-level buildings

- minor fixes


MusicCity_v1.0.zip 102 MB
MusicCity_1.0.1.zip 102 MB